Carol – California

I have been wearing Imako teeth for a year or so, and today I got my Secure Smile teeth. What a difference! They look soooo real. I had no problem fitting them or wearing them, with or without adhesive and I only have a post that used to have a crown and one broken off tooth to attach to. These teeth are made so much better and aren't soft and porous like the others so I'm sure they won't stain so fast. With the other teeth, if you smoke a couple cigarettes they turn a horrible shade of yellow and if you put anything red in your mouth they turn red. I've already tried both with these and they haven't changed. I'm not going to abuse them and will take them out if I'm gonna eat spaghetti, but I am so pleased that I was averted to this site when looking to order more Imako teeth. I will only use Secure Smile Teeth from now until I finally get brave enough to get implanted dentures.