Jeramy – Gladstone, Missouri

My teeth have been steadily decaying and deteriorating for many years, due to periodontal disease and drug use in my younger days. The rate of deterioration has accelerated in the last few years and I have gone from being able to at least speak without embarrassment to having no confidence at all whenever I have to open my mouth. I have been jumping from crappy job to crappy job much of my adult life, and could never even begin to consider insanely expensive dental work. then a few years back I got the chance to get into a great line of work. I spent a couple of years at one company learning the ropes of this profession, then found myself needing to find a new position in my field. By this time my teeth had become simply unacceptable in a professional setting. I knew there had to be something that could help me until one day I could afford major dental work. I started searching online and found this product. I ordered it, and was elated when I received the teeth and got them fitted. I looked in the mirror and smiled, wide and proud, for the first time in a decade. I wept. After that I started smiling so much that my face would start to ache, because my facial muscles were unaccustomed to smiling. I had a job interview coming up and I firmly believe that without secure smile, I would not have been hired at the company I'm with now, which has provided me with ample financial security and a real future. I have to order them more often than most people probably would because I wear them all day every day and I do eat while wearing them. But it is well worth it to feel confidant enough to look people in the eyes while talking to them, to not be afraid to interact with others. That life felt like a prison sentence. Now I'm close to being in a financial place where I can afford to go in and finally have my mouth permanently fixed up. If you have any embarrassing tooth issues, get this product. Life is just too short to not smile. However, a word of caution... If your teeth are rotting due to decay, by all means, get this as a temporary fix. But you must find a way to get help with your teeth. What many people don't know is that severe dental health problems can be life threatening. Abscesses are deadly if they spread beyond your mouth. Bad dental health can lead to severe stomach issues and heart issues as well. I cannot thank the makers of secure smile enough. Its rare that a product can be so life changing and do so much good for so many people who desperately need help.