Joan – Ware Shoals, South Carolina

I have advancing Lupus; a real pain to cope with, but one thing I truly wasn't prepared for was MY TEETH FALLING OUT, one by one, for a total of 9 now. Embarrassment and humiliation does not come close to describing this horrible situation. I found this product when trips to dentist became a lost cause. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! I wear them every day, have repeatedly refitted them with extra beads, and THEY ARE GREAT! I actually CAN eat with them although they are not recommended for eating purposes. The BEST thing is that they allow me to not be embarrassed in public, or private (I'm embarrassed to even look at myself much less let others see me), and prevent that horrible "sunk in", "fish mouth" appearance that comes with missing front teeth. And Ladies, they also improve lip lines and wrinkles by adding just the right amount of fullness to your mouth/lips. I have professional partials which are VERY EXPENSIVE and have to be constantly refitted due to "shrinking" and teeth shifting, then another tooth "falls out" and I have to start over again. With Secure Smile all of these problems are avoided for about $40 compared to THOUSANDS of dollars and countless trips to dentists! I cannot say enough GOOD things; in my case, they WORK and work well, both cosmetically and practically. Being "sickly" with a chronic disease is bad enough, but being "toothless" is simply AWFUL. Secure Smile restores my dignity and I don't know what I'd do without them. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT, INEXPENSIVE, LIFE SAVER!!!!