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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know what size to get?Details
  2. How do I fit the teeth?Details
  3. What is your Guarantee / Return Policy?Details
  4. What are the teeth made of?Details
  5. How realistic do the teeth look?Details
  6. How do you know they will fit me?Details
  7. What color/shade are the teeth?Details
  8. Do you have testimonials / reviews from buyers?Details
  9. Is Secure Smile Teeth part of the BBB?Details
  10. Do you have any before and after photos?Details
  11. What are thermal fitting beads?Details
  12. What is the denture adhesive you have available?Details
  13. Can the teeth be used more than once?Details
  14. Can I wear the upper & lower at the same time?Details
  15. What if I have crooked / protruding teeth?Details
  16. Can I use the teeth to eat and drink?Details
  17. How long will the teeth last?Details
  18. How do you clean the Secure Smile?Details
  19. Do you have bottoms teeth available?Details
  20. Can I wear the Secure Smile if I have caps/crowns/braces?Details
  21. Can children use the teeth?Details
  22. How much is shipping & handling?Details