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You can send a message to us by using the form below, via email or by phone.


Phone: 800-421-1024

Email: Support@SecureSmileTeeth.com

Customer Service Hours: Monday through Friday 10 AM - 4 PM Eastern Time.

Order Line: 800-421-1024 (ext 3) Open 24/7


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Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wear Upper Secure Smile with no teeth?

The upper Secure Smile can be worn with no teeth however the only way to keep it in is to use either denture adhesive or denture strips to attach it to your existing gums/stubs. You will not be able to use the included beads to keep the upper device in. The lower device will not work at all if you are missing all of your teeth because it will not have anything to grab onto.

Can you eat, drink or sleep with Secure Smile?

The Secure Smile Cosmetic Teeth are sold for cosmetic purposes however over 85% of our repeat customers report they have no issues eating soft foods and drinking liquids. You will need to take it easy while eating soft foods and you should be ok.

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