BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU! to everyone at secure smile teeth, I'm 17, and I've never been able to smile properly I had my lower side teeth removed when I was around 7 or 8years old due to rotting via the hospital, and my family could not afford a dentist, not even to this day. I came across secure smile teeth whilst desperately searching for some kind of way to regain my smile and hay presto here I am now smilling away thank you so much! :D

Kirsty R.

My teeth have been steadily decaying and deteriorating for many years, due to periodontal disease and drug use in my younger days. The rate of deterioration has accelerated in the last few years and I have gone from being able to at least speak without embarrassment to having no confidence at all whenever I have to open my mouth. I have been jumping from crappy job to crappy job much of my adult life, and could never even begin to consider insanely expensive dental work. then a few years back I got the chance to get into a great line of work. I spent a couple of years at one company learning the ropes of this profession, then found myself needing to find a new position in my field. By this time my teeth had become simply unacceptable in a professional setting. I knew there had to be something that could help me until one day I could afford major dental work. I started searching online and found this product.

I ordered it, and was elated when I received the teeth and got them fitted. I looked in the mirror and smiled, wide and proud, for the first time in a decade. I wept. After that I started smiling so much that my face would start to ache, because my facial muscles were unaccustomed to smiling. I had a job interview coming up and I firmly believe that without securesmile, I would not have been hired at the company I'm with now, which has provided me with ample financial security and a real future.

I have to order them more often than most people probably would because I wear them all day every day and I do eat while wearing them. But it is well worth it to feel confidant enough to look people in the eyes while talking to them, to not be afraid to interact with others. That life felt like a prison sentence. Now I'm close to being in a financial place where I can afford to go in and finally have my mouth permanently fixed up. If you have any embarrassing tooth issues, get this product. Life is just too short to not smile.

However, a word of caution... If your teeth are rotting due to decay, by all means, get this as a temporary fix. But you must find a way to get help with your teeth. What many people don't know is that severe dental health problems can be life threatening. Abscesses are deadly if they spread beyond your mouth. Bad dental health can lead to severe stomach issues and heart issues as well. I cannot thank the makers of securesmile enough. Its rare that a product can be so life changing and do so much good for so many people who desperately need help.

Jeramy from Gladstone, Missouri

Ever since I got my smile back, everyday the worries and embarassment of my crooked front tooth have faded away completely. Secure Smile Cosmetic Teeth are unnoticeable to the trained eye and no one knows I'm even wearing them. They just stop and ask me what dentist do I go to and how much or thousands of dollars did I spend because my smile is so fantastic. They feel comfortable. I have had them now for 8 months and they changed not only my smile but my life, thanks for getting my smile back.

Andrew L. from Lansing, Michigan

Wow I think this is an amazing product. the changes on my face and confidence is unique i will recommend this product to anyone is been a year of good experiance using this product and what it amaze me is that people dont even know is a simple divice and they will ask me for my dentist number and when I explain to them you have to see their faces. Again thank you.

Liz from Orlando, Florida


I was glad to see that someone understands the need that people have when it comes to dental work!! I am disabled and fell and cracked my front tooth. The dentist told me it would cost $1500.00 to repair, I decided to give you a try and I am so glad that I did. This veneer is light weight a life like.... even my family members can't tell the difference in my smile.

Ronald from Columbia, South Carolina

I've only had my secure smile teeth for two days and am deeply in love with them and my family and friends love them as well and plan on even buying extras.thank you for giving me back my self asteem.its the best 49th birthday present i ever bought myself.thanks

Joseph from Franklin, Louisiana

My name is Samuel Donahoo, i've been a client for 5 months. The Secure Smile Teeth change the way I could interact in public. I was able to continue my business and social life without feeling I was being judged. This product is great because it is a transition product before I have dental work. I have recommended the Secure Smile and will continue to speak postive about Secure Smile Cosmetic Teeth.

Samuel D. from Detroit, Michigan

I lost my top denture recently and I didnt have the money to pay for a replacement. So I now had to go around with no top teeth. I am a 32 year old woman with a & year old now with no top teeth. I waitress for work. Could not get a job without teeth. I was given this web site and figured I'd give them a try. for $60.00 I can now walk with a smile again Only needed a little fileing and Polydent. Thank you

Melody from Wyandotte, Michigan

I just got my order today. I was very very skeptical of your product... nothing could be that good. I was DEAD WRONG! It took 2 times to get the fit, but I could not be more pleased! Even the length is almost like my natural teeth. Thank you so much for allowing me to smile, I mean REALLY smile for the first time in over 20 years! I'm gonna spread the good word for you folks

Ed from Leakesville, Mississippi

I just have a quick question, but first off I would like to say how much I love secure smile and they have changed my life. Once again thank you for making my life better.

Jennifer from Roark, Kentucky

I want to start out saying I love the product and it's helped me jump back into working and enjoying my life; jumped my confidence ten fold

Billi from Paris, Tennessee

My confidence level shot through the roof after I received the veneers. I am an author as well and when I do a book signing it is important to me that my teeth look nice and the Secure Smile Teeth are just what I need. I have shopped around for veneers and implants at several different dentist's offices and the average veneer costs nearly $1,000.00 The Secure Smile Teeth look better than real veneers at a fraction of the cost. Thanks for offerring such a cutting edge product.

Brian W. from Alaska

Hi all at Secure Smile,

Not quite sure when to send this, so hopefully it gets where it needs to go.

Just wanted to say that the teeth arrived today and I could not be happier with them! They are fantastic. I've spent the last month with no top teeth at all and feeling horribly self conscious as a result. So as soon as they arrived today (took a while because I'm in Australia) I molded them and put them in. I will need to file them down a little bit, but I honestly don't care - that's how happy I am with them!

So I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for making such a product. I'd never heard about them before or anything like it, till I started my search last month. And your site was informative and easy to use.

Thanks again so very much. I'm off to look at myself and smile again (that happened quite a lot today :) ), have a great day!

Your very happy customer,

Maureen Ambrose

Maureen from Victoria, Australia

I am a cancer patient. My lower teeth were severely affected by the treatments I had to endure and, because I was unable to have dental work due to financial constraints, I rarely, if ever, smiled. All of my friends commented about how I no longer looked happy.

I found your product online by accident. I read the reviews, both good and bad, and finally decided to purchase them. I am so glad that I did. The material used in the construction of the teeth is far superior to that of your competitors. Thank you very much for giving my smile and confidence back to me!!

Happy Evans from Woodinville, Washington

I cant tell you how secure smile changed my life in 30minutes. Lord knows I could never afford dental implants. As soon as I got them fitted right I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping away & then i went to the grocery store just to show off my new smile. To top is all off i recieved them only two days after ordering!

I wish I wouldve known about this product back in high school but hey my smile now looks better than 80% of the ones who teased me. To anyone wondering if you should order or not believe me u wont be dissapointed, at first I was worried about people knowing they are fake but they dont look fake at all & if they can wear fake hair proudly them you can were your secure smile proudly!!

Kaneshia from Prattville, Alabama

Thanks these are great, many years i have hated being able not to smile now i can, great great great product, i just cant thank you enough,

Dave from London, Texas

Hey there, I have had bad front teeth for the past 10 years. Having no dental insurance, and not much extra money for costly dental work, i ordered the Secure Smile and recieved it yesterday. I have to tell you that when i smiled for the first time at my wife, she cried. Enough said. Buy the Secure Smile system today. You will really be glad you did.

Johnny from Los Angeles, California

I've had partials, this looks fablous, I'm very happy! I have never felt so good in my life. My mouth looked soooo good after I opened my mouth and smiled I cried. My sister thought I had implants but I told her it was Secure Smile Teeth.

Renee from East Saint Louis, Illinois

This is so great i love them for the first time in 6 years i can smile at my wife and kids i fill like going places i was a home body i did not know that the reason i did not like to go anywhere was because of my teeth thank you so much for this i hope that more people find this to be able to smile means so much.

100% satisfied customer - Jeremy from Henderson, Texas

I lost my teeth a long time ago.. What I did was originally make my own teeth out of hard wax. I am very leary about things I see on television, but with this device it is quite easy to use and looks great. Thanks for allowing me to smile again.

David from Marshall, Texas

I just received my Secure Smile Teeth and I absolutely love them!!!!They fit great,look natural,very affordable and the best part I can smile and talk to people without feeling embarrassed.
Thank You for creating this product,you have enriched alot of peoples lives that can't afford expensive dental work.

Allen from Coral Springs, Florida

I got my teeth in the mail today and love them they are so real looking but they are perfect.

Jimmy from Mayetta, Kansas

Incredible! These will change your life folks.

R B from, Nova Scotia

I am an entertainer...and these have boosted my confidence 200%. Amazing smile!! Thank you Secure Smile.

Adrienne from Portland, Oregon

I have a lot of photos taken of me as an entertainer, and needing cosmetric dentistry takes time and tons of money these days. Secure Smile Teeth absolutely delivers its word on a truly realistic and comfortable product, as well as their great customer service.

When I first put in my set (uppers) my wife cried. She was so happy to see me be able to smile so naturally. My photos now look the way I want them to. Thanks for designing this incredibly affordable alternative.

John from New York, New York

I purchased a set of teeth back in April. i have now bought an extra set for backup. I have a smaller mouth so i had to file the back with a rotatory tool(file works too). I also filed down the teeth until i got the perfect teeth shapes and thickness. I have nothing but good things to say just be careful not to break them also dont eat or drink with them or staining will occur. Excellent product!

Alex from UTAH, Utah

I LOVE my new teeth! It took me a little while to get used to them because I have gone so long covering my smile. But now that I have my secure smile I can grin and bare my teeth! They are great. I work at a gas station and all of my regulars tell me I should be a model now! Thank you so much for my new life! I have to order some for my mom now!

Aggie B. from Port Hueneme, California

Fantastic Customer Service! Every e-mail I sent to Secure Smile Teeth, I received a reply within 2 hours. Thank you for your service.

Ryan from Cincinnati, Ohio

Thank-you seems so little to say for something that gives you your life and laughter back. I recieved my first teeth 3 weeks ago, and I AM ORDERING MY SECOND SET TODAY for backup. I don't ever want to be left without them. It does take a little time to customize but when I look in the mirror it brings HAPPY TEARS. Their just wonderful. THANK-YOU again.

Shirly from Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Dear Secure Smile Teeth,
I received my package today,and I am very pleased.There is a nice,noticeable improvement.I have found through experimenting,that denture adhesive works best! After I wear them for awhile and become more comfortable with them,I assure you that I will be ordering a back-up set,and I will be recommending your product to others.Thanks again for this unique opportunity,and for your courteous and very punctual service.

S. from Dallas, Texas

i just recieved your Secure Smile Teeth and I am very pleased with them, I am the first person that people see at my job where I work, now I feel more confident when I smile. Thank you so much.

Neil from Albertville, Alabama

Ok so at first I did not think this product would work. I just recived my secure smile today and IT IS AMAZING. I fell so much better about my self and I have only had it in for a few hours now. Thank you secure smile teeth.

Nolan from Cheyenne, Wyoming

I just received my order of Secure Smile and I have to say that I'm very pleased! I've tried another brand before and Secure Smile has them beat hands down.

Savitria from Chicago, Illinois

Hi again,I just placed my second order on saturday,I was told it would ship Monday and Id get it maybe Wednesday,guess what,its Monday and its already here! It is my heartfelt belief that the people at Secure Smile REALLY care about their customers,thats rare in this day and age.They dont promise what they can't deliver either. Best company I have ever had the pleasure to deal with...BAR NONE. Thanx again Secure Smile.

Mark from Itasca, Illinois

I recieved my Upper teeth yesterday. I have not stopped smiling since. I already scheduled an appointment to get my pictures done with my grandbabie's and mint and my husbands picture's for our 25th wedding anniversery. That feel so comfortable and if you ask can you wear them in place of dentures the answer is yes. Not all the time but for those special occasions. I have had them in for most of the day over the past 2 days. Thank You secure smile.

Paula from Mooresville, Indiana

My daughter-in-law ordered these for me, I have always hated my crooked teeth and didnt have the money for braces or any dental work. I have an up coming wedding and I wanted to have a great smile for my wedding. Now I have it! They aren't for everyday use but for photos or just to show off your great smile once in a while they are great!

Carrie from Woodstock, Ontario

this is great low cost solution to buy anyone time to get the money to get dental work. realistic and comfortable. have people with nice real teeth wanting to buy one.

Anthony from , Ohio

Let me start by saying that I have had horrible teeth for almost all of my life. I have never been able to afford to get my teeth fixed. I started using the Imako teeth around two years ago, they were horrible, but, not as bad as my real ones. I came accross this page and figured, eh, might as well give it a try. I got them in the mail today and fitted them in, I am AMAZED!!! this was the BEST 45.00 I have EVER spent!!!

I've only worn them out once, and I've already gotten compliments on my smile. I cannot Thank secure smile teeth enough! I used to think these testimonials were fake... but, I'm VERY real and I'm going to send in before and after pictures :) GIVE THEM A TRY!! they're sooo simple to use!

Katie from Lancaster, California

I just received my secure smile today, for the first time since I had my daughter which is when I had lost a front tooth while in labor. I cannot express to you how wonderful this product is, its truly has help me have a secure smile again. Thanks so much for offering such a great product to people who are needing a temporary fix to a major problem.

Lori from Dawson Springs, Kentucky

What else can I add to the previous testimonials & compliments?

It's a great product & I can't stop smiling! The truth is I do not want to take my new bottom teeth out. Thank you Secure Smile, you have such a good product.

Mollymook, NSW Australia

As I write this email in tears, I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back. Secure Smile Teeth are a miracle. I never thought I would ever smile again but these teeth have allowed me to.

I can smile and feel secure in knowing I LOOK GOOD. I have been wearing another companies product but they were a total disappointment. I was hesitant in trying another product but I thought what did I have to lose.

WOW.... what did I gain? Total confidence.

I am recommending Secure Smile to everyone I know who is suffering like I was. My mothers day pictures were great. All I keep hearing from my friends and family is "you look great but I bet your dentist bill was through the roof." They don't believe the product until I take it out of my mouth.

Thank you,
Cheryl McCants

Cheryl from Martinsburg, West Virginia

I want to Thank you for changing the way I look and smile It has changed my life in minutes I still cant believe there is a product (teeth) out there so affordable! I will spread the good news to everyone I know. They are so easy to mold and put on, even with missing several teeth in front. Thanks again, Connie

Connie from North Fort Myers, Florida

hey i have had my secure smile teeth for about two weeks now. i have tried others in the past it only took about five minutes to fit them .
secure teeth are awesome Thanks

rich from wichita, Kansas

I have been wearing Imako teeth for a year or so, and today I got my Secure Smile teeth. What a difference! They look soooo real.

I had no problem fitting them or wearing them, with or without adhesive and I only have a post that used to have a crown and one broken off tooth to attach to. These teeth are made so much better and aren't soft and porous like the others so I'm sure they won't stain so fast.

With the other teeth, if you smoke a couple cigarettes they turn a horrible shade of yellow and if you put anything red in your mouth they turn red. I've already tried both with these and they haven't changed. I'm not going to abuse them and will take them out if I'm gonna eat spaghetti, but I am so pleased that I was averted to this site when looking to order more Imako teeth.

I will only use SecureSmileTeeth from now until I finally get brave enough to get implanted dentures.

Carol from , California

Hi again, I just wanted to update here, I NEVER leave home without my Secure Smile,,,I dont know how I did it before! Im still amazed at the confidence and self esteem boost your product has given me. Oh ..by the way new customers dont worry about coughing or sneezing...these teeth DO NOT COME OUT! PERFECT! Thanks again Secure Smile.

Mark from Itasca, Illinois

I just got my package and I love that I can smile again! I bought the lower veneer because my teeth are crooked. I work at a hospital and now I can smile!.........Thank you

Honey from Newark, Delaware

These teeth work great! At first today it took me about five tries to get the thermal beads right, but at the end I got it, and now they are better yet. It does take some time to get all the plastic adjusted right to where you do not have speech problems but if you order you will like these teeth.

I ordered extra beads and actually glued the beads to the back of the teeth to make it more permanent. Thanks for a great low cost temporary smile until I can get my dental work done. Joshua from Texas.

Joshua from Kempner, Texas

I fight professionally and I chipped my teeth, so until I can pay for the denistry work I wear my Secure Smile. Works great, I can smile, talk, even drink. I am so happy with it and it certainly changed my life.

THANK YOU SecureSmileTeeth.com!

John from New York, New York

I received my uppers this morning! I have two teeth that are somewhat crooked so I never smile. Secure Smile doesn't look 100 percent real but pretty darn close! The fitting beads just weren't agreeing with me but the denture adhesive worked great!

Going to take some time to get use to but will be worth the wait! I love them!!!! :) can't believe it took me this long to find out about this site! Wish I would of known sooner! Great product and received 2 days after I ordered which was great! I would recommend this to anyone!

AH from , Minnesota

My mother had dentures by the time she was out of High school. My teeth didn't start getting bad until the last several years. I haven't smiled in over 10 years.

Until today.

Thank you so much.

Jeff Z from Katy, Texas

I have advancing Lupus; a real pain to cope with, but one thing I truly wasn't prepared for was MY TEETH FALLING OUT, one by one, for a total of 9 now. Embarrassment and humiliation does not come close to describing this horrible situation. I found this product when trips to dentist became a lost cause.

IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! I wear them every day, have repeatedly refitted them with extra beads, and THEY ARE GREAT! I actually CAN eat with them although they are not recommended for eating purposes. The BEST thing is that they allow me to not be embarrassed in public, or private (I'm embarrassed to even look at myself much less let others see me), and prevent that horrible "sunk in", "fish mouth" appearance that comes with missing front teeth. And Ladies, they also improve lip lines and wrinkles by adding just the right amount of fullness to your mouth/lips.

I have professional partials which are VERY EXPENSIVE and have to be constantly refitted due to "shrinking" and teeth shifting, then another tooth "falls out" and I have to start over again. With Secure Smile all of these problems are avoided for about $40 compared to THOUSANDS of dollars and countless trips to dentists! I cannot say enough GOOD things; in my case, they WORK and work well, both cosmetically and practically. Being "sickly" with a chronic disease is bad enough, but being "toothless" is simply AWFUL. Secure Smile restores my dignity and I don't know what I'd do without them. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT, INEXPENSIVE, LIFE SAVER!!!!

Joan from Ware Shoals, South Carolina

I've had a life long battle with crooked teeth, my front two teeth stick out a little bit and the two next to it curve back so its really hideous. Two years ago I had braces put on but I only was able to get the tightened once before my family went broke and couldn't afford them any more. A few days ago I took the braces off

Angelica Reed, Orlando, FL

Good Afternoon, I would like to take a moment to thank you for giving my boyfriend new found confidence and I could not have done this without secure smile. It has now been 3 months and he is fabulous in them and he has been able to drink with them on and also eat soft foods as well. Thank you so much.

Michelle Varney